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Looking for an MOT test near Worthing


When MOT time is looming ahead, it can be a concerning time as you never know what kind of bill you may be hit with. Whilst it may seem like nothing is wrong with your vehicle, an MOT can often bring up things you don’t expect.

By carrying out an MOT, you can ensure that your vehicle is road safe and isn’t putting you or other road users in any danger. If your MOT is in need of a renewal, we are here to help.

How Stedmans can help you

We are proud to be a government approved centre for MOT inspections, and use our expertise to ensure that vehicles are road ready. We have been providing our services for nearly 100 years, and continue to impress our customers with our friendly and professional service. For a service that is affordable, reliable and trustworthy, choose Stedmans.

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If you would like to book an appointment for your MOT, get in touch today and book your appointment. Fill out the booking form on our website, or call us on 01903 691666 to discuss your requirements.

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