Servicing & Repair

Car servicing and repairs from the oldest and most trusted garage in Worthing...

Our highly trained technicians have years of experience and knowledge behind them. That means you benefit from car servicing and repair work completed to the very highest standard.

As proud members of the 'good garage scheme' we ensure our charges are transparent and provided up-front. Therefore, there will be no nasty surprises when the work is complete and your car is ready to pick up.

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Make sure your car is fit for winter...

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Interim Service

An interim service is the smaller of the two services designed for drivers who do an average of 10,000 mile per annum where a standard service is not required every year. This service covers oil and filter change, air and pollen filter (if fitted), a full visual inspection of brakes and all suspension joints. As well as tyre pressures, levels and lights

Service Checklist

Standard Service

A standard or full service is the bigger of the two services including oil, air, fuel and pollen filter changes, oil change and spark plugs, engine flush, hand brake adjustment and rear brake strip down and clean (if brake drums), visual inspection of all suspension joints, tyre pressures and depths, and ECU health check.

Service Checklist

Starter & Charging Problems

If you are having problems starting your car, it could be the alternator, starter motor or battery. It is important to inspect each one of these items before you begin replacing parts. Our fully trained technicians are experienced in diagnosing & will get you back on the road quickly & cost effectively.


We are trained to spot signs of wear & tear & will advise when replacement is required.

Brakes & Steering Repair

It is an important safety measure to have regular inspections to your brakes & steering, we would suggest an annual inspection. Brakes & steering are checked as part of our annual servicing schedule.

Engine & Gearbox Repair

Your Engine & Gearbox are the heart and sole of your vehicle. Whether it be replacing components or a fully reconditioned unit, work will be carried out with extreme care and detail. We will take the time to explain the fault and determine the most cost effective way to get you back on the road.

MOT Inspection

An MOT Inspection is a mandatory test that is carried out by the 3rd anniversary of the vehicles registration and every year there after. The MOT Inspection checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards. It is not a check on the overall mechanical condition or a substitute for your regular service.

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