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Car servicing and repairs from the longest established and most trusted garage in worthing...


Stedmans are an ​RAC approved garage​ and are the no.1 choice for​ car service Worthing. ​We also serve​ Durrington, Ferring, Findon, Goring, Lancing, Salvington, Sompting and Tarring. Proving​ Service, MOT and ​car diagnostic for all makes of vehicles such as; ​Audi, BMW, Seat, Vauxhall, VW, Mini, Skoda, Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat​ to name a few. Schedule your ​oil change​, interim service, full service​ or ​major service​ with us today.

Our highly trained technicians have years of experience and knowledge behind them. That means you benefit from car servicing and repair work completed to the very highest standard.

As proud members of the 'good garage scheme' we ensure our charges are transparent and provided up-front. Therefore, there will be no nasty surprises when the work is complete and your car is ready to pick up.

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Service Checklist
The checklist below gives you a full breakdown of what is covered on both the interim and standard services.

Industry Standard Checklist  
Check vehicle history☑️
Check timing belt replacement☑️☑️
Check for damage to bodywork, lamps, trims and oil level☑️☑️
Fit protective covers☑️☑️
Check condition and operation of all seat☑️
Check operation of interior and exterior lights☑️☑️
Check operation of ABS and air bag warning lights☑️☑️
Check air conditioning operation including bad odour☑️
Check windscreen washers and wipers☑️☑️
Check horn☑️☑️
Check operation of suspension dampers☑️
Lubricate all door hinges, locks, and bonnet catches☑️
Apply Forte treatments to remove internal contamination☑️☑️
Check fuel cap.☑️
Check cooling system including fan operation☑️☑️
Check and record Anti-Freeze protection☑️☑️
Check and record brake fluid condition☑️☑️
Check all auxiliary drive belts (not timing belt)☑️
Check engine breather system☑️
Check vacuum pipes☑️
Check power steering operation and fluid condition☑️☑️
Check throttle body. Clean if required☑️
Check battery level and lubricate terminals☑️
Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels☑️☑️
Replace air filter☑️
Replace spark plugs☑️
Replace fuel filter☑️
Replace pollen filter☑️
Change oil, filter and fit new sump plug washer☑️☑️
Check fuel lines and brake pipes☑️☑️
Check the condition and security of the exhaust☑️☑️
Check and top up axle and transfer box oil levels☑️
Check and top up gearbox oil level☑️
Check all steering and suspension joints, mountings and gaiters☑️☑️
Carry out tyre report☑️☑️
Check all wheel bearings for excessive 'play' and noise (adjust)☑️☑️
Check CV gaiters and joints for wear or splits☑️☑️
Check clutch cable/cylinder☑️
Grease all greasing points☑️
Check operation and condition of front brakes☑️☑️
Check operation and condition of rear brakes (inc. handbrake)☑️
Carry out brake report☑️☑️
Refill engine with specified grade oil☑️☑️
Torque wheel nuts/studs.☑️☑️
Carry out diagnostic check☑️
Reset service interval indicator☑️
Road test vehicle and report any findings☑️☑️
Re-check engine oil level☑️☑️
Ensure all upholstery, gear lever, steering wheel, etc. are clean☑️☑️
Stamp service book(s)☑️☑️


An MOT Inspection is a mandatory test that is carried out by the 3rd anniversary of the vehicles registration and every year there after.

The MOT Inspection checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards. It is not a check on the overall mechanical condition or a substitute for your regular service.

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Interim Service: the smaller of the two services designed for drivers who do an average of 10,000 mile per annum where a standard service is not required every year. This service covers oil and filter change, air and pollen filter (if fitted), a full visual inspection of brakes and all suspension joints. As well as tyre pressures, levels and lights

Standard Service: A standard or full service is the bigger of the two services including oil, air, fuel and pollen filter changes, oil change and spark plugs, engine flush, hand brake adjustment and rear brake strip down and clean (if brake drums), visual inspection of all suspension joints, tyre pressures and depths, and ECU health check.


If you are having problems we can diagnose and fix anything and everything ranging from...starting and charging issues, overheating, brakes and steering, as well as all engine and gearbox problems. We carefully inspect each one of these items before sourcing and costing up any replacement parts. Our fully trained technicians are experienced in diagnosing & will get you back on the road quickly & cost effectively.

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