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Car Air Conditioning Goring

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We are constantly hearing in the news that summers here in the UK are getting hotter, and after the summer we have experienced so far this year, we can’t help but agree. However, there are steps you can take to make yourself more comfortable in the blistering heat and here at Stedmans Garage we specialise in Car Air Conditioning Goring.

First step is to check the air conditioning in your car, does it work as well as it did when the car was brand new? If not, don’t just assume it’s due to the age of the vehicle, it’s more likely the air conditioning needs a service and possible repair or “topping up”. Functionality of your air conditioning does not come within MOT checks so don’t assume that any issues with the air conditioning would be listed as an advisory on your MOT Certificate. Air conditioning really is in a league of its own.

Have a question out of hours? Check out the FAQ page of our website which is full of useful information about various services we have to offer.

Ready to book your car in now? Call us on 01903 691 666 or if you would prefer, you can book online here. Don’t delay in getting your air conditioning into full working order and get ready to reap the full cooling benefits.

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