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If you’re a Skoda owner in Worthing and the surrounding areas, choosing Stedmans Garage as your servicing and repair destination is a decision you won’t regret. As a specialist in Skoda vehicles, we leverage the same equipment and tools that you’d find at a main dealer. This enables us to provide you with top-quality service, while also offering a more personalised and welcoming experience.

We understand the intricate details and specifications of your Skoda, and we apply this knowledge to ensure that your vehicle is treated with the attention and care it deserves. Our certified mechanics have undergone intensive training and have a wealth of experience working with Skoda models of all kinds.

Whether you need a simple oil change, a complex repair, or a comprehensive service, you can rest assured that your Skoda is in expert hands at Stedmans Garage. Trust us for our knowledge, our cutting-edge equipment, and our dedication to ensuring your vehicle delivers peak performance.


From the Fabia

to the Kodiaq

Skoda technology

Skoda vehicles come equipped with unique, manufacturer-specific technology that is crucial to their operation and performance. At Stedmans Garage, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with these sophisticated systems.

A hallmark of Skoda vehicles is the GreenLine range. Designed to optimise fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, these systems demand specialist knowledge and equipment for effective diagnosis and servicing. At Stedmans Garage, our technicians are trained and equipped to handle GreenLine system checks and repairs, ensuring your Skoda remains as eco-friendly as it was designed to be.

Similarly, Skoda’s Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG), similar to the one found in its sister brand, Volkswagen, is another specialised system we regularly service. It combines the comfort of an automatic gearbox with the responsiveness and economy of a manual one. Regular servicing of the DSG system is essential to maintain its performance, and at Stedmans, we have the skills and equipment to do just that.

From the GreenLine range to DSG and beyond, trust Stedmans Garage to handle the intricacies of your Skoda’s unique systems.

Our Reviews

Worthing Skoda Diagnostics

Skoda vehicles, like all modern vehicles, are high-tech and sophisticated. They are laden with advanced electronic systems, sensors, and components that communicate and work together to give you a smooth and efficient ride. But when issues arise, it takes a specialist’s touch to diagnose the problem accurately. This is where Stedmans Garage steps in.

At Stedmans Garage, we offer specialised Skoda diagnostics services, ensuring that your vehicle remains in optimal condition. Our technicians are well-versed in Skoda’s unique systems and specifications. With access to Skoda-specific diagnostic tools and software, we are able to accurately and quickly identify any issues your vehicle may have.

Our advanced diagnostic equipment communicates with your Skoda’s on-board computer system, reading fault codes and performing real-time diagnostics. This enables us to identify everything from engine and transmission issues to problems with the brake system, exhaust, and other key components.

Our commitment to precise diagnosis minimises the time your vehicle spends off the road, getting you back behind the wheel faster. Trust Stedmans Garage for your Skoda diagnostics, and rest assured that your vehicle is in expert hands.

We can diagnose any faults on your Skoda

Skodas are robust, reliable vehicles, but like any other vehicle, they can encounter issues over time. When this happens, you can trust Stedmans Garage to get to the heart of the problem.

Our promise is simple: we can diagnose any faults on your Skoda. Whether it’s a mysterious warning light on the dashboard or a performance issue you’ve noticed during your daily commute, our team is equipped to handle it. We utilise Skoda-specific diagnostic software that lets us communicate directly with your vehicle’s on-board systems, uncovering exactly what’s going wrong.

Once we’ve identified the issue, we’ll explain it to you in straightforward language, detailing what needs to be done to rectify the problem. Our priority is to ensure your Skoda is running smoothly and safely, providing you with peace of mind. Count on Stedmans Garage to keep your Skoda in top form.

Stedmans Garage vs Main Dealer for Skoda Diagnostics

When it comes to Skoda diagnostics, many might first consider going to the main dealer. While it’s true that main dealers have access to specialised tools and knowledge, choosing them might not always be the most convenient or cost-effective option. This is where Stedmans Garage excels as a credible alternative.

Our Skoda diagnostics service matches that of main dealers in terms of the quality, comprehensiveness, and accuracy. We have invested in the same advanced diagnostic equipment that main dealers use. This, coupled with our team of skilled technicians who undergo regular training, allows us to provide an unmatched level of service.

What sets us apart is our personalised approach and commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand that diagnostics can be a stressful process, so we aim to make it as hassle-free as possible. At Stedmans Garage, we offer flexible appointment schedules, clear and upfront pricing, and friendly service. This means you get main dealer quality diagnostics without the hefty price tag and with a personal touch. Trust us for all your Skoda diagnostics needs.

Skoda Servicing

When it comes to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your Skoda, regular servicing is critical. At Stedmans Garage, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive Skoda servicing offering that meets and exceeds the standards of main dealers.

Our Skoda servicing comprises all essential checks and adjustments, from engine oil and filter changes to brake inspections and tyre tread depth checks. We also perform additional checks based on the model, age, and mileage of your Skoda to ensure no stone is left unturned.

To ensure that your Skoda stays in top condition, we use high-quality parts that match or exceed original equipment (OE) specifications. Our team of trained technicians, who have in-depth knowledge about all Skoda models, ensures that your vehicle gets the best care possible.

With our transparent pricing policy and the promise of no unnecessary work, you can rest assured that your Skoda is in safe hands. Choose Stedmans Garage for reliable, professional, and cost-effective Skoda servicing.

Stedmans Garage vs Main Dealer for Skoda Servicing

At Stedmans Garage, we understand that you want the best for your Skoda, and you might think the main dealer is the way to go for servicing. However, there are numerous reasons why choosing Stedmans Garage over a main dealer could benefit you.

Firstly, our pricing is competitive. Often, main dealers have larger overheads, resulting in higher costs for you. At Stedmans Garage, we aim to provide the highest quality service at a more affordable price.

Secondly, we promise a personalised service. As a local, independent garage, we pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers. At Stedmans Garage, you’re not just a number. You’ll receive a tailored service, with clear communication every step of the way.

Thirdly, while main dealers may stick rigidly to Skoda’s recommended service schedules, we use our years of experience and knowledge to adapt to your vehicle’s unique needs. We’re well-versed in all Skoda models and use our extensive knowledge to anticipate and prevent potential issues before they become serious problems.

Lastly, we only use parts that match or exceed original equipment (OE) specifications, ensuring your Skoda runs as smoothly and reliably as possible. And most importantly, our use of OE parts means that your vehicle’s warranty remains intact, just as it would with main dealer servicing.

In conclusion, choosing Stedmans Garage for your Skoda servicing means you’ll get excellent, personalised service, performed by experienced professionals, at a competitive price. Let us take care of your Skoda as if it were our own.

Skoda FAQs

Yes, Stedmans Garage can handle all models of Skoda for both diagnostics and servicing. Our technicians are well-versed in Skoda’s extensive range and utilise up-to-date diagnostic tools and equipment to accurately assess and service your vehicle.

No, having your Skoda serviced at Stedmans Garage will not void your warranty. We strictly use parts that match or exceed original equipment specifications, ensuring that your vehicle’s warranty remains intact.

Stedmans Garage prides itself on providing top-quality services at competitive prices. While pricing can depend on the specific service required, our costs are often lower than those of a Skoda main dealer due to our lower overheads.

Absolutely. If a warning light illuminates on your dashboard, it’s important to get it checked out as soon as possible. Our Skoda specialist diagnostic tools can identify the exact issue, enabling us to provide you with a clear explanation and a plan to resolve it.

About Skoda

Skoda Auto, a Czech automobile manufacturer, has a rich history that dates back to 1895. The company was initially established as Laurin & Klement by two men named Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement. They began their journey with the production of bicycles, later transitioning to motorcycles in 1899, and eventually started manufacturing cars in 1905. Their first car model was the Voiturette A. The company’s headquarters remain in the Czech Republic to this day.

In 1925, Laurin & Klement merged with Skoda Works, a large European industrial conglomerate founded by Czech engineer Emil Škoda in 1859. This marked the birth of the Skoda brand as we know it today. Over the years, Skoda has faced numerous challenges, including the destruction of its armament works during World War II and the economic depression of the 1930s. Despite these setbacks, the company has managed to thrive and evolve, becoming a significant player in the global automobile industry.

Skoda’s corporate culture is deeply rooted in values of safety, accountability, and trust. The company believes in meeting people’s needs proactively and celebrates both big and small moments. It also places a strong emphasis on teamwork and employee growth, which has enabled Skoda to provide safe, consistent, and top-quality services for over 50 years.

The company is known for producing safe and practical cars equipped with features such as airbags, ABS with EBD, hill ascent and descent, cruise control, and more. Skoda’s cars are sold in over 100 countries, and in 2018, the company achieved a record global sales of 1.25 million units. As of 2017, Skoda’s profit margin was the second-highest of all Volkswagen AG brands after Porsche.

Skoda currently manufactures several models, including the Fabia, Kamiq, Scala, Karoq, Octavia, and Enyaq iV. The company has set forth plans to double its annual sales to at least 1.5 million by 2018. Skoda’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, coupled with its rich history and strong values, make it a respected and trusted name in the automobile industry.

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